"Stop Nagging, or I Jump!" Teenager Allegedly Frustrated by Parental Nagging Jumps Out of Window



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"Stop Nagging, or I Jump!" Teenager Allegedly Frustrated by Parental Nagging Jumps Out of Window


A teenager reportedly engaged in a dispute with his family, climbed out of a window and jumped down in a fit of unstable emotions. His mother briefly held onto his foot but was unable to prevent him from falling.

According to a report by CQCB.com, the incident occurred on Monday (22nd) in Cangzhou, Hebei, where a teenager climbed out of a window on the third floor and jumped.

Video footage shows a half-naked teenager, wearing only black trousers, climbing out of the window, with his mother closely following. Initially, she managed to grab her son's foot but was unable to support him, and the teenager subsequently fell straight down.


Sources revealed that fortunately, there was a cushioning object below, and the teenager still showed signs of life. He was quickly taken away by an ambulance and is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital.

The informant stated that the teenager impulsively jumped out of the window after being scolded by his parents with harsh words for only a brief period.

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