Wanna Know a Secret? These 4 Things Are OKAY



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Wanna Know a Secret? These 4 Things Are OKAY

By ellephant

Most times, many often confuse vulnerability for weakness. But boy, have we got news for you: They are not the same. 


As a matter of fact, they are polar opposites. Being vulnerable in no way means that you are weak. We were all made human, and being human ultimately means to be imperfect 9 out of 10 times. 

So every time you feel lesser than you actually are, whether it's because of the world, or because of yourself, go ahead and keep these in mind: 

1. It's okay to breakdown


We weren't built to keep it together all the time. Life's alike a big bully a lot of times, and it's okay to not stand up to her when we don't feel like it. 

2. It's okay to feel


If you're angry, be angry. If you're happy, be happy. Whatever it is you're feeling, express it. Showing emotion does not make you weak, it strengthens you. 

3. It's okay to cry


For the zillionth time, cry if you want to. Life is literally too short to live up to societal stereotypes and expectations. Crying is normal, stop believing it isn't. 

4. It's okay to not be okay


You can be on top of the world one day, and down in the dumps another. You are entitled to however you choose to be. Don't worry about what others have to say. 

Being strong in a world that constantly gives you reasons to be weak, is amazing. But don't push yourself so hard, till you forget, that there is absolutely nothing wrong in being weak. You can take a break every once in awhile and just breathe, you know? 


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