Lucky Colours To Wear For CNY 2022 Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign



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Lucky Colours To Wear For CNY 2022 Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

By MJC97

Christmas is over and all the snow-themed decorations from the malls are all taken now and replacing them are the bright red colours of the Chinese New Year decorations. Big red lanterns, pink flowers, wooden lattice and red coloured decorations paired with the Chinese New Year songs played throughout the malls is just perfect to put you in the CNY mood. 

Since CNY this year is on the 1st of February 2022 and we have almost a month of time for preparations and shopping, it is time to get moving. 

According to Chinese astrology, this is the year of the Water Tiger. So, to get yourself more money and get you a little extra luck on the love side of your life, the general lucky colours for the year are red, green, black or yellow. 

In order to get extra lucky this year, buy yourself an outfit based one your lucky colours based on your Chinese zodiac sign, here they are:

1. Rat  

Your lucky colours are: red, yellow and silver. 

2. Ox  

Your lucky colours are: pink and emerald.

3. Tiger  

Your lucky colours are: gray and bronze.

4. Rabbit  

Your lucky colours are: pink, yellow and green.

5. Dragon  

Your lucky colours are: red, ruby and gray.

6. Snake  

Your lucky colour is: light yellow

7. Horse  

Your lucky colours are: white and silver. 

8. Goat  

Your lucky colours are: gray and silver. 

9. Monkey  

Your lucky colours are: yellow and bright pink.

10. Rooster  

Your lucky colours are: pink and blue.

11. Dog  

Your lucky colours are: yellow, brown and aqua blue.

12. Pig  

Your lucky colours are: bright red and yellow. 

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