'You': Joe Goldberg Becomes The Hunted In Eerie Season 4 Trailer



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'You': Joe Goldberg Becomes The Hunted In Eerie Season 4 Trailer

By storyteller24

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The official trailer for "You" Season 4 has been released by Netflix, revealing that Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is not the only murderer with their sights set on London.

Posing as a literature professor named Jonathan Moore at a London university, Joe is surprised to find he enjoys teaching, despite being surrounded by egocentric socialites. But when members of London's wealthy elite start dropping like flies, Joe discovers there may be another murderer in his midst.

The trailer also confirms the reprisal of Tati Gabrielle as love interest Marienne Bellamy in the new season, now sporting platinum blonde hair. In the final episode of Season 3, Marienne fled the country after discovering the truth about Joe's heinous crimes.

"Did you break my heart, Marienne?" lead actor Penn Badgley says in an ominous voice-over during the trailer, followed by a first look at Gabrielle. "Heartbreak is always a catalyst for a new path," he continues.

In Joe's case, heartbreak led to Europe. After faking his death, the final moments of Season 3 saw the criminal move to Paris in search of Marienne, initially leading viewers to believe the city of love would be the setting for the upcoming season.

"Joe's back for a bloody good time," the @younetflix account posted on Instagram April 1, hinting at the Season 4 filming location. "If his book choice tells us anything...our boy might not be in Paris anymore."

After Netflix posted a teaser, the streamer announced a highly anticipated two-part drop of Season 4: Part 1 will be released Feb. 9 and Part 2 debuts March 9.

Watch the trailer below.

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