Local Designer Breaks Record With 350 Drones Show During Runway | Watch Here



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Local Designer Breaks Record With 350 Drones Show During Runway | Watch Here


Founded by Meri, the local Muslim fashion brand, Bulan Bintang, held its very first fashion show in Bukit Bintang on 18th February 2023 and made history!

The brand launched its 2023 fashion during the night and invited a drone team from the UK to perform at its fashion show. A total of 350 drones were sent into the sky, stunning everyone at the fashion show with their impressive choreography.

The performance has welcomed the recognition of @malaysiabookofrecords, breaking the record for most drones used in a light show. Bulan Bintang is also the first local brand to have organised a drone light show. The other brands that have done it before are Disney and Cartier. 

Bulan Bintang was founded 8 years ago and it is known for making classy, minimalist Malay clothing. But above all, comfortable and quality fabrics are at the heart of the brand, making it one of a kind in the Muslim fashion industry. 

Watch the full show here:

It is a big step forward for Malaysia's fashion and performance industries. Good job fellow Malaysians!

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