Here Are 4 Toxic Habits Killing The Winner Inside You



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Here Are 4 Toxic Habits Killing The Winner Inside You

By ellephant

Winning at life is trying, but what becomes even more trying is when we cultivate self-sabotaging habits. Sometimes, we're our biggest enemy. 

We came across 4 toxic habits that are certainly your reasons for not winning at life. 

Check them out down below, and prep means to get rid of them.  

#1 Comparing yourself to others

When you compare yourself to others, you lose motivation to keep going and thriving. You do not appreciate yourself or your achievements, and on top of that you waste a lot of time. 

#2 Focusing on the outcomes

We often find ourselves focusing on the outcomes, instead of getting there. In order to do better, enjoy the journey, don't be so obsessed with the results and develop habits that will instead help you to get to the finish line.  

#3 No specific goal or plan

Those who have no specific direction to head in, may end up lost. In order to stay motivated and be ahead of the game, you have to figure out where you want to go, how you can get there and the best means to win. 

#4 Procrastinations or distractions

We waste a lot of time when we procrastinate or find distractions which get the better of us. Whether it's watching the television, lazing or browsing through social media, beware of activity which can stunt your productivity.  

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