A Police Issued A Fine With Wrong Offence To Young Driver, And Turns Out The Driver Is Innocent



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A Police Issued A Fine With Wrong Offence To Young Driver, And Turns Out The Driver Is Innocent


A young man in his early twenties recently shared a story about receiving an incorrectly issued fine from the police while he was heading home late at night.

The police pulled him over and conducted a check. Initially, they inspected his IC and license, but then they questioned why he hadn't removed his 'P' sticker even though he had completed the training period. Consequently, the police issued him a fine for not removing the 'P' sticker.


However, due to the darkness at the time, the man couldn't thoroughly examine the fine. It was only when he arrived home that he realized the issued saman was not as the police had described it; instead, it was the opposite. The fine he had received was actually for "not displaying the 'P' sticker."

Subsequently, the man visited the police station to verify the validity of the saman. Fortunately, the officers at the police station reviewed the situation and confirmed that the saman was indeed incorrect. As a result, they promptly cancelled the saman. 


According to the law, individuals who have upgraded from a PDL license to a CDL driving license must renew their license. Regarding the 'P' sticker, it is mandatory for those with a PDL license to affix the sticker to both the front and rear windshields. However, it is not considered an offense for CDL driving license holders to drive a car displaying the 'P' sticker.

Source: XHS - @破防了

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