Man Wants To Introduce Malaysia To The World By Driving His Perodua Kenari Around The World Over 3 Years



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Man Wants To Introduce Malaysia To The World By Driving His Perodua Kenari Around The World Over 3 Years

By storyteller24

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A man from Sarawak, Malaysia recently started on a solo road trip around the world, on Wednesday (May 1).

The vehicle of choice? His trusty domestically manufactured Perodua Kenari.

Jack Voon, 47, estimated that the expedition will span roughly 200,000km and take him across 108 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America, according to The Star.

The flag-off for Voon's trip in Kuantan, Penang, was attended by the chairman of Pahang's unity, tourism and culture committee.

The entire journey is expected to take him three years.

Wants to introduce Malaysia to the world

Voon told The Star that he had dreamt of travelling the world and experiencing the vastness of the globe since a young age.

He also said the journey had an additional objective to introduce Malaysia to the world, and foster unity and friendship through cultural exchange.

Voon, a digital content creator, said he will be documenting his journey and creating educational and promotional videos.

"I am hopeful this programme will build an opportunity to unite people, broaden our horizons and instil the spirit of adventure while promoting Malaysia to the world, he added.

He estimated the trip would set him back about RM860,000, which includes telecommunications, fuel, meal, accommodation, insurance, vaccines and visa fees.

The choice of car

So why the Kenari? Voon said the vehicle is "economical" and "safe".

The Perodua Kenari, launched in 2000 by Malaysian car company Perodua, is typically marketed as a budget car.

It is based off a Daihatsu and is a "kei" car, or a compact automobile designed for economical purposes in Japan.

The name Kenari is a Malaysian term equivalent to the word canary, which translates to joy and freedom.

Voon affectionately named his car 小白 (Little White), according to a Facebook post.

It has been kitted out with the likes of a solar panel, mini fridge, mini stove, spare battery, heating system and halogen headlights.

Cabinets have been installed in the back seat to provide extra storage.

And what you see on the roof is a sleeping cabin capable of withstanding low temperatures as low as -40°C, Voon claimed in a Facebook video.

Latest update

Voon's latest trip update indicated that his car's rear signal light had been damaged on May 2 after he left it in a parking lot in Terengganu, Malaysia.

"The driver didn't even leave their phone number or any contact details a hit and run! Guess it's just bad luck, and I have to get it fixed. Sigh!" he wrote.

You can follow updates of Voon's trip on his Facebook page.

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