WATCH: Do You Like To Pee In The Shower? Doctors Caution: There May Be Dangerous Repercussions From This Bad Habit!



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WATCH: Do You Like To Pee In The Shower? Doctors Caution: There May Be Dangerous Repercussions From This Bad Habit!

By storyteller24

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Due to anatomical differences, women must squat or sit on the toilet to urinate, but men can urinate while standing. Even yet, some girls still use this as an opportunity to urinate while standing up while showering.

In this sense, Boston, USA physical therapist Dr. Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas cautioned ladies to break this negative behaviour because it could have major repercussions!

In one of her recent videos, Dr. Alicia, who frequently offers medical expertise regarding the pelvic floor on TikTok, urged ladies not to urinate in the shower.

She clarified that the bladder will associate the sound of running water with urinating in the shower or while listening to the sound of running water. If you do this frequently, the sensation of urinating will be automatically linked to taking a shower in your brain.

With time, your brain will also build a link with the bladder each time you turn on the faucet for hand washing, dishwashing, or swimming, which will trigger the urge to urinate.

According to her, this might cause issues with urine incontinence in women who have dysfunctional pelvic floors. Women who have this terrible habit may use the loo frequently, which gets harder to control as they get older.

She also mentioned that women's bodies are not designed to be stood on to urinate because doing so will prevent the urine from being able to pass through. Consequently, she advised women to resist the need to urinate while in the shower and to hold off until the water has stopped flowing.

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Ladies, you had better kick this unhealthy habit as soon as you can if you have one too!

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