75-Year-Old Man Forced To Support Himself And 2nd Wife Despite Having 11 Grown Kids



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75-Year-Old Man Forced To Support Himself And 2nd Wife Despite Having 11 Grown Kids

By JustineG

In a touching tale that has struck a chord with netizens, a Twitter user shared the story of a 75-year-old man who approached him in search of work to sustain his livelihood. 

It is disheartening to witness elderly individuals, who should ideally be enjoying their retirement or spending their time in acts of worship, still struggling to make ends meet.

As an employer, the Twitter user decided to offer the elderly man a job. As long as there is a willingness to work, he believes in providing opportunities and space for individuals. According to him, the old man has 11 children from his first wife, all of whom have already started their own families.

The elderly man sought employment to support his second wife and their child, who is a person with disabilities. It is understood that the man remarried after the passing of his first wife. The Twitter user expressed disappointment with the behaviour of the man's children, who are numerous but fail to reciprocate the care for their own father.

"A father can provide for 11 children, but 11 children cannot extend a helping hand to their father. I was deeply moved when he shared his story," the user wrote.

Despite not being able to comprehend the actions of the man's children, the user believes that a father should demonstrate the strength of heart and soul.

"Even if we face challenges, even with our own children, we must remain steady and stand on our own two feet. We can feed our children, so why can't we feed ourselves?"

While many sympathize with the elderly man's plight, there are also claims that there might be another side to the story behind such incidents.

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