Better Skin with...Indoor Plants?!



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Better Skin with...Indoor Plants?!

By xweienx

If you want to give your home some natural vibes and deco, consider getting some indoor plants. If you want to have healthier skin, consider getting even more! Today, we look at how indoor plants help to improve our lives all while making your home a tad livelier!  

#Air Purifying

Research shows that there is a possibility that the air you're breathing indoors is much more polluted than the outdoors, up to even 1000 times! This is because indoor air is filled with suspended dust and tiny material particles from your furniture.  

Placing plants indoors can help remove up to 70% of the indoor "pollutants" and purify the air. This helps to reduce the load on our airways and skin.


A recently coined term, planterior gets its name from "plants" and "interior". This means using greenery to design the inside of your homes. Having a clean and neatly designed home will definitely improve your mood and result in better mental health. And you know what better mental health does? It gives you better physical health!  


Our skin is very sensitive to even slight changes in the surrounding temperature and humidity (think about why some nights you get drier skin than others). Having plants indoors help regulate that humidity and in turn maintain your skin's moisture level.  

Not only that, the purifying effects of plants actually improve and stimulate our skin's own moisturizing capabilities, perfect for people with dry skin!

#What Plants Should You Get

You can refer to a previous article on the different requirements of indoor plants and how to take care of them. Plants like the Boston fern or sword fern can withstand drought well and is easy to maintain, suitable for beginners.

(READ: How To Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive)  

There are also plants like cacti that absorb carbon dioxide at night to release oxygen, making it perfect to put in your room, giving you healthier sleep!  

So, wait no more! Head to that nursery and get yourself a pot of cactus to start off your Planterior journey!

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