Such PRETTY HAIR How? 8 Things To Eat & Get There



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Such PRETTY HAIR How? 8 Things To Eat & Get There

By ellephant

Life can get tiresome when we need to look out for our weight, our skin, our style, and the countless other aspects, in the name of beauty. Adding to that list is but of course, perfect hair.  

Dry scalp, damaged roots, split ends and hair loss are just a few of the problems so many deal with. However, fortunately for us, taking in certain foods, can help reduce the negative effects which come with age and environment. 

Scroll below and check out the 8 things you could increase in your diet, as means to help with better hair days. 

#1 Egg  

Benefits: Moisturizes hair, promotes hair growth, increases keratin for stronger hair

#2 Green Peas  

Benefits: Protects hair follicles, increases health of hair and scalp

#3 Spinach  

Benefits: Promotes hair growth, prevents hair fall

#4 Green Tea  

Benefits: Helps with hair growth and regrowth, prevents damaged hair cells, regulates hormones

#5 Yogurt  

Benefits: Protect and cleanses scalp, promotes hair follicle growth

#6 Nuts  

Benefits: Keeps hair follicles fertile, nourishes scalp, reduces thinning, increases hair growth

#7 Salmon  

Benefits: Helps with hair growth, makes hair shiny

#8 Oatmeal  

Benefits: Prevents grey hair, increases hair growth, prevents split ends, moisturizes hair

Of course, having those 8 things without further effort would probably not take you far. But, these can become contributing factors to you having a healthy head of hair, so why not, right?

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