Let’s Get To Know The Talented Malaysians Behind Pixar's Toy Story, Coco, Cars, The Incredibles & More!



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Let’s Get To Know The Talented Malaysians Behind Pixar's Toy Story, Coco, Cars, The Incredibles & More!

2 Weeks ago
By MJC97

A Twitter user named Richard Ker, recently shared a Tweet on some of the Malaysians who are currently working at  Pixar, a Walt Disney Company in California, USA and we are so proud of them! 

These Malaysian are behind some of the award-winning Pixar Animation Studios like Toy Story, Coco, Cars and The Incredibles. Let's get to know them a little:

# Lyon Liew


Born in Melaka and later moved to Singapore, Lyon Liew is the Lead Simulation Technical Director at Pixar. According to the Tweet, he works with modellers, riggers and animators to make the characters look good while in motion. Still don't get it? Well, if you watched Coco, he's the reason why the characters' hair and clothes look so good! 

Did you enjoy Turning Red and Incredibles 2? Well, you've got Lyon Liew to thank for them! Not that into cartoons? Well, he also worked on blockbusters like Jurassic World, Ready Player One, The Avengers, Pacific Rim, and Transformers! In short, this guy is super talented!

# Kiki Poh


The first Malaysian ever to join Pixar, Kiki started at Pixar as an intern and she's been working there for over a decade! This Johorian is a Shading and Grooming Technical Director at Pixar. Her role focuses on the execution of surface textures and colours of animated characters.

She's the reason the characters in Toy Story, Monsters & Inside Out, look so realistic! She decides the look of a character's hair, fur, skin, scales, clothes and more! It's because of her that Sully's fur looks so fluffy! 

# Andrea Goh


Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Andrea Goh is currently the Layout (Camera & Staging) Lead at Pixar. She first joined Pixar 7 years ago as an intern and since then, she has worked on Cars 3, Incredibles 2 & Toy Story 4.

Part of her job is determining the frame, camera angle, camera path & lighting of each key animation scene. Besides working on Pixar's animation, she recently worked together with Netflix to produce Netflix's Love, Death & Robots. 

Do you know any other Malaysians who have worked on huge blockbuster movies? Share your answers in the comments section!

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