3 Apps to Get That Retro Film Look!



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3 Apps to Get That Retro Film Look!

By xweienx

Film cameras were widely used during the 1980s to the 1990s. It was the first time when anyone could just take a snap and keep a memory anywhere and anytime. Back then, we had to wait a day or two for the film to be "washed" before pictures were available. With the advances in technology, digital cameras replaced film cameras, and now our smartphones have replaced all of them. We can take a picture, view it, retake it if we're not satisfied, edit it to our liking, all in a matter of minutes. 


However, some beautiful effects that define classic film photos such as light leaks and graining can only be achieved artificially using apps. If you're looking to bring your photos back to the good 'ol days, here are 3 apps to do so!

1. MolyCam

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MolyCam has a clean user interface and is super easy to handle. Just import a picture that you want to edit and you can select from 50 different types of filters. You can even tune details such as brightness and saturation. There are also more than 60 different light leak effects for that film camera look and the ability to add timestamps or words on your "polaroid". Besides that, you can also choose from more than 50 types of "polaroid films". Although the app is free, some of the filters need to be unlocked by paying.




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Film camera buffs will definitely be interested in this app. From the graining, color saturation, and light leak, to the oversaturation, timestamps, and shutter sounds, FIMO tries to replicate an actual film camera from 30 years ago down to the last detail. There is a huge selection of 35mm films, among which Pan 100, EK80, Aesthetic 400, LM Color 100, and Business 400 are free. You can also add your most-used films in your collection.


Due to the amount of effort put in to make it as real as possible, FIMO isn't entirely free. For the paid films, you're given 3 free photos to decide whether to purchase it or not. Besides taking pictures directly in the app, you can also import photos from your album. When you finish a film, FIMO can prepare a compilation of your photos to help with printing.



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NOMO is a recent star in the world of film camera apps. Although FIMO and NOMO seem similar, they actually have stark differences. While FIMO focuses on different types of film, NOMO focuses on the different types of cameras. Therefore, the pictures you take and the camera interface will change according to the camera you've selected. You'll feel as if you're holding the classic camera your parents used to use. 


Only a few cameras are available for free as of now. One of them is the NOMO INS W which takes film camera replication to the next level. After snapping a picture, it replicates the sound of developing photos and your photos take 90 seconds to be available. The fun part is, you can open up the film and shake your phone to accelerate it, just like how you would with a normal polaroid photo!


Most of the other cameras come with a NOMO Pro subscription, which costs USD 24.99 (around RM103) per year for unlimited access. To reward subscribers, NOMO releases a new camera almost every month! You can also try the subscription for 7 days for free after providing your payment details. If you want to, you can then cancel the subscription within the 7 days before being charged.


There's no need to try so hard editing your photos just to achieve that retro look. Just download one of these apps and you're good to go!

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