Photography Inspiration | Here Are 10 Poses To Look Cute While Hiding Your Face!



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Photography Inspiration | Here Are 10 Poses To Look Cute While Hiding Your Face!

By xweienx

Some people are born photogenic, but some just naturally become awkward when a camera is pointing at them. This makes it hard when they want to take a "natural" #OOTD because it just seems very unnatural. If you have this problem, don't give up just yet! Today, we'll be learning how to cleverly pose and cover your face while still looking cute from Korean Instagrammer ji___silver.

Method #1: Cover with Your Phone

This is one of the most common picture taking method when girls are trying out outfits in the fitting room. It's perfect for when you're alone and want to take a nice picture in the mirror.

Method #2: Cover with Your Hands

No props needed, no tools needed, no skills needed. It's as simple as taking that "peace sign" and putting it in front of your face to get a nice picture.

Method #3: Cover with Flowers

On special occasions like Valentine's Day or your birthday, utilize the flowers you got from your other half or best friend. What's better than pairing something beautiful (flowers) with something beautiful (you).

Method #4: Act Like You're Taking A Picture

What happens when there are no mirrors? Use your friends! It doesn't have to be a camera, you can do the same with your phone, then get your friend or partner to use their cameras to take your picture.

Method #5: Cover with Drinks/Food

This is especially for foodies and those who love to go café hopping. Don't just take a picture of your food on the table, make it more personalized by including yourself!

Method #6: Cover with Sweater/Coat/Scarf

Although you might not have a chance to use this in Malaysia, but when you do travel to a cold country, make use of what you're wearing.

Method #7: Cover with Hats/Caps

This one though, is definitely possible. Some people wear caps to hide from the sun, some wear them to look cool, and some just are too lazy to deal with their hair. Whatever the reason, you hat/cap can give you another posing option.

Method #8: Cover with Books/Newspaper

We see many people having pictures of them reading at a café, but let's face it, we're not there for reading at all. Why not use it to look cute in your pictures?

Method #9: Cover with Recently Bought Items

When you go shopping, be it groceries or a bag of makeup, you can always showcase your "spoils of war" by lifting them up to cover your face!

Method #10: Look Away From the Camera

When all else fails, you can always look away from the camera. Just get your partner or friend to take it from the right angles and you don't even have to smile for the picture to get that natural look.

So, got some new ideas? Try them out today and you'll never have another awkward photo in your life! Remember to follow ji___silver for more inspiration too.

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