All the Highlights from Kim Jae Joong Asia Tour in Kuala Lumpur | "What A Show!!!"



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All the Highlights from Kim Jae Joong Asia Tour in Kuala Lumpur | "What A Show!!!"


After 12 years of a long wait, Kim Jae Joong is finally here in Malaysia! I can still recall the good old days when he was still in TVXQ and JYJ, listening to their songs and talking to my friends about who we loved the most. For me, it has always been Kim Jae Joong! I am literally over the moon to be able to attend his concert, and it is for sure, one of the best nights ever! An exhilarating two and a half hours of Kim Jae Joong, is really not enough la~ But anyway, here's a list of the exciting moments of his concert and why you shouldn't miss the next round!

# He is so "Lokal"

Well, it is not new that artists show off their love for the fans by saying a phrase or two in our national language - Malay. Call me biased if you want, but Kim is definitely the sweetest of'em all! During his press conference, he confessed to the fans by saying "I Sayang You" and it was so cute! Unexpectedly, he praises the crowd during his concert by throwing another Malay phrase/word "You guys so cantiknya~" My heart just melted. The fans also replied with love by calling him "Abang Jae Joong!"  and he laughed happily. Awww~ so charming

#He is so HOT!

Although our country have strict dress code for concerts (sadly) but still, the fans were able to spot Kim's very-well-toned arm when he's changing. HOT! Also, he gave away plenty of towels that he used to the fans! What a treat.

#His dedication in his career

From his singing, to dancing and performance, every details showed us how much love and effort he has put in to make this concert a success. The same goes to the music and acting role he has involved in.  He even mentioned that he is still looking forward to the day he is able perform and promote he's new album in S. Korea. 

For 19 years of his career, Kim has always been working very hard even that it was such a tough journey. The love and supports from fans is definitely making his effort paid off. Kim even made a promise with the fans that he will be back soon and he hoped that everyone will be here to see him again.

#More Highlights

1. BLOOD!!! Kim's previous wound torn up again while performing. He even said in Korean "It's painful" Really "sayang" him la~

2. You think that female fans are crazy, think again...male fans are the craziest!!!

3. Another crazy thing is, you can see fans from different nation and ages came to witness this precious moment!

4. What's more healing than his angelic voice? His smile~ Literally, my mind is blown away everytime I see him smile on the stage. That smile, that voice plus that charming face that never ages, my love will never age nor change as well. 

5. Kim's junior boy band, MIC, joined the stage with Kim and sang the OST from the famous TV series - Sungkyunkwan Scandal, called Found You, which is originally by JYJ.


1. Just Another Girl

2. BPM

3. Tick-Tack

4. Let The Rhythm Flow 

5. Welcome To My Wild World 

6. I Want To Ask You

7. Tender Love

8. Locking Love

9. Rotten Love

10. Broken Mirror

11. Butterfly 

12. 9+1#

13. Mine

14. Good Morning Night

15. Walking On Water

16. Rain, Tomorrow 


**Photos credited to IME **

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