Son Returns Home To Surprise Parents, Pretends To Be Server In Restaurant



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Son Returns Home To Surprise Parents, Pretends To Be Server In Restaurant

By Grace Sundram

This man, who had lived in Ireland for more than six months, wanted to surprise his parents when he came home by disguising himself as a waiter and serving them in a local restaurant.

When he did finally reveal his true identity, their heartwarming reaction to being reunited with their adult son literally wants to make us all cry with joy.

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In the video, his parents can be seen mingling with the rest of the family members and didn't even pay attention to the masked waiter when he was taking their order. Until his niece and nephews realized and started calling out, 'Pak Su' to him when his parents turned around and were shocked to see their son there.

His mother was seen sobbing with happiness at seeing him again after so long.

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Grace Sundram

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