These Highways Are Currently Closed Off Due To Flood: Avoid These Areas!



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These Highways Are Currently Closed Off Due To Flood: Avoid These Areas!

By Ayunie

Over the weekend, some parts of Malaysia have been badly affected with one of the worst floods we have seen in recent years, with three individuals reported dead, so far.  

Due to the rapid rise in water levels, some of the highways and main roads throughout Selangor have been inaccessible. I t involves the areas of Klang, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Sungai Buloh, Sepang, Kuala Langat and Hulu Selangor.

Below is the full list of roads that are currently closed off due to the massive flood:

• IPD Petaling Jaya

1) U-turn exit from Subang Airport towards the Airport Roundabout

• IPD Klang Utara

1) Shahpadu Highway

2) Jalan Haji Sirat Menghala Kapar

3) Meru Road Junction

4) Persiaran Sg Keramat

5) Batu 4 Jalan Kapar

6) Grand Shahpadu Tol Rantau Panjang

7) Jalan Meru Setia Alam Klang Central

8) Jalan Inang 5 Bukit Raja

9) Jalan Bukit Kapar

• IPD Sg Buloh

1) Simpang Empat Bandar Desa Coal Field Puncak Alam Near Traffic Lights

2) Jalan Bukit Cerakah Desa Coal Field Menghala Alam Jaya

• IPD Subang Jaya

1) LDP Batu 13 Highway

2) Puchong Permai Circle

3) Road engineer

4) Persiaran Puchong Prima

5) Persiaran Puchong Permai

• IPD Kuala Langat

1) Jalan Sukepi

2) Jalan Kg Jenjarom

3) Jalan Bkt Komandol

4) Jalan Rimbayu

5) Jalan Masjid Bt. 9

6) Jalan Garuda

7) Jalan Kasawari

8) Jalan Tiong

9) Jalan Jalak

10) Jalan Murai

11) Peacock Road

12) Jalan Perepat

13) Jalan Prupuk

14) Jalan Makmur

15) Mikon Road

16) Jalan Ibrahim

17) Jalan Kuntoni

18) Jalan Borhan

19) Jalan Bkt Serdang

20) Jalan Perak Kiri

21) Jalan Sentosa

22) RRB Road

23) Jalan RTB

24) Jalan Pinggir Dua

25) Jalan Pak Rashid

26) Jalan Rantau Panjang

27) Jalan Wak Iman

• IPD Sepang

1) Jalan Labu Lanjut/Taman Dataran Abadi

2) Jalan Kota Warisan/BBST

3) Jalan Bukit Canggang/ Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi.

4) Jalan Salak/Sepang

5) Jalan Kg Ginching (in front of the Mosque)

• IPD Shah Alam

1) Jalan Kota Kemuning Lebuhraya KESAS

2) Road to Shah Alam Farmers' Market

3) HICOM Road

4) Persiaran Jubli Perak Sek 19

5) LKSA Highway From Jubilee Perak to Sri Muda Toll Plaza

6) KM 8.5 NKVE

7) Jalan Bukit Kemuning From Persiaran Kuala Selangor to Sri Muda

8) Second Way Elite Highway

• IPD Klang Selatan

1) Jalan Raja Nong Klang

2) Jalan Teluk Pulai

3) Jalan Kampung Delek

4) Gong Bay Road

5) Jalan Sungai Jati

6) Jalan Perigi Nenas

7) Jalan Johan Setia

8) Jalan Selat Damai

9) Jalan Kampung Pandan

10) Jalan Kg Nelayan Teluk Gong


1) The KLIA Mosque roundabout leads to the KLIA Charterfield

2) Jalan Banting towards Nilai (In front of KLIA Fire Station)

• IPD Hulu Selangor

1) Jalan Kuala Kubu Bharu-Bukit Fraser towards Peretak

• IPD Sungai Buloh

1) Junction four to Coalfield Village Town, Puncak Alam (Traffic light) Saujana Utama

*This information may change from time to time. DO Check  @plustrafikfor the latest updates on the current traffic.

Many residents in the affected areas are still stranded with nowhere to go, while some others were able to find shelters; however, they are in dire need of donations. Many victims have resorted to social media for help after the government failed to show up with necessary assistance. 

Source: Kosmo!


*All routes at the Damansara Puchong Highway (LDP) have been reopened. 

* Shah Alam toll plaza, interchange now reopened. 

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