Here Are 5 Deepest Secrets To Handle That Narcissist In Your Life



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Here Are 5 Deepest Secrets To Handle That Narcissist In Your Life

By m7py

OMG! Are you dealing with an out-of-hand narcissist right now? Does every little thing that they do make you want to unalive yourself? You need to learn these secrets on handling an "I'm-all-that" person ASAP! 

1. Choose your battles

You don't have to respond every single time by getting aggravated. Instead, show them you have clear boundaries. You can reduce eye contact or continue doing other stuff while staying in a conversation. Also, keep to short answers and do not ask them follow-up questions. This will show that you are uninterested in engaging with narcissists like them.

2. Do not fraternize

Remember that these narcissists would use anything they get against you whenever they can. So, do not share any personal information or opinions with them. Keep things private so they do not have the chance to humiliate you. 

3. Give them a taste of their own medicine

Sometimes, do to them as they do unto you. Shove some backhanded compliments or criticism down their throat whenever necessary. This would make them realize how it feels to be a victim of their narcissism. 

4. Stand out against the crowd

Do not be afraid to be who you are! When you are more comfortable in your skin, you have a greater power against narcissists. They have no loophole to put you down. 

5. Fake it

The best way to get a one-up against narcissists is by beating them at their own game. Next time, try playing along with their shenanigans. Try feigning to be impressed with them and put them in their place.

So, put these tricks into action and you won't have to worry about any narcissist in your life! 

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