Local Actress, Jacqueline Ch’ng Shows Off Hermès Bags & Rolex Watches On Social Media



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Local Actress, Jacqueline Ch’ng Shows Off Hermès Bags & Rolex Watches On Social Media

By sleepingbeauty

Jacqueline Chng, the Malaysian actress born into a wealthy family and famously known as Datuk's daughter, is no stranger to showcasing her lavish spending moments. With an estimated family fortune of around HK$800 million (approximately MYR 470 million), she has never shied away from flaunting her extravagant lifestyle.


In a recent video, Jacqueline shared that she brought a plethora of collectables from Hong Kong to Hangzhou, filling up a substantial suitcase. This marked her third batch of luggage, and she believed her collection was even more extensive.


She exhibited three of her cherished Hermes handbags, featuring two larger ones and a smaller variant, with the smallest valued at approximately HK$25,000 (around MYR 14,767). She emphasized that this represented only a fraction of her collection.


Transitioning from handbags, Jacqueline proudly displayed her prized collection of Rolex watches. Online sources indicate that one of her timepieces holds a value of nearly HK$300,000 (approximately MYR 180,000).

Even her Hangzhou residence serves as a testament to her opulence, housing an extensive array of high-end handbags and watches, collectively worth hundreds of thousands.


Additionally, the actress showcased designer clothing and luxury items, leaving viewers captivated by the lavishness. However, her conspicuous flaunting of wealth has triggered concerns within the online community. 

Some individuals advised her to be cautious about potential burglars, urging her to avoid divulging her address and recommending the installation of security cameras at her home. Their advice highlighted the necessity of safeguarding her valuable possessions and emphasized, "Exercise caution; given the exposure of your valuable items, you might attract thieves. Consider installing home cameras linked to your phone for constant monitoring."

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