“Is My Boyfriend Gay?” Girlfriend Spotted Boyfriend S*cking His Own D*ick | Netizens' Reactions Are Epic!



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“Is My Boyfriend Gay?” Girlfriend Spotted Boyfriend S*cking His Own D*ick | Netizens' Reactions Are Epic!


A recent post went viral on a Facebook group when a girl questioned her boyfriend's sexuality after allegedly witnessing him engage in a peculiar act.

According to the post, the boyfriend texted the girl during lunchtime, hinting at a "surprise" upon her return home from work. However, due to a heavy workload, she left work later than usual that day.

Upon entering her room, she was confronted with a sight that left her in disbelief. Her boyfriend appeared to be engaged in a unique and surprising act - s*cking his own d*ck. 


Perplexed by what she had witnessed, she began to question her boyfriend's sexuality.

The boyfriend defended his actions, explaining that he was merely attending to his own needs while awaiting her return. Nonetheless, the girl felt that there were alternative ways for him to "satisfy himself."

Confused by the situation, the girl turned to social media for input.

The post quickly garnered attention from fellow online users.

"This is not ‘same-sex love' (gay), this is 'self-love'" remarked one user.

Another user humorously speculated that the boyfriend might possess unusual attributes, such as exceptional flexibility or being blessed with a "long tool". 

A playful scenario was painted by yet another user: "Someday, when you are giving your boyfriend a "blowjob," and suddenly he tells you that you are doing it wrongly, and he bends over to show you the right way."

In a more lighthearted comment, someone humorously questioned if the boyfriend might be a ghost, jokingly suggesting that he might have plucked his own head down to "do it" as it is the hungry ghost season. 

Some raised doubts about the credibility of the story, considering the physical challenges of such an act.

Another user shared a cautionary tale, citing an example of a guy who had attempted a similar feat and ended up with a bone fracture.


What are your thoughts on this? Tell us. 

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