"Stop Asking Me For Money!" M'sian Man Labeled 'Stingy' After Refusing To Be Family's 'Banker'



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"Stop Asking Me For Money!" M'sian Man Labeled 'Stingy' After Refusing To Be Family's 'Banker'

By JustineG

Fulfilling the financial needs of one's family is often considered a sacred duty, but there's a fine line between responsibility and exploitation. Unfortunately, this line has been crossed for a local man, the youngest among his siblings, who finds himself burdened with the task of supporting his father and seven siblings. Despite earning a monthly income of RM7000, he grapples with the overwhelming weight of financial strain, realizing he can no longer bear the sole responsibility of being the family's primary financial provider.

In a recent report by mStar, the man, whom we'll refer to as Ali for the purpose of this story, confided in his friend about the mounting pressure he faces in supporting his father and siblings. Instead of receiving gratitude, Ali is met with criticism and accusations of stinginess from his family members, painting him as an unwilling provider.

Ali, an assistant manager with a monthly income of RM7000, was perceived by his family as the capable one to shoulder their financial burdens. Whenever financial troubles arose for his father or siblings, they turned to him for aid without hesitation.


His father, a retired civil servant living in their hometown, relied solely on his pension to support his four sons. Unfortunately, two of Ali's brothers struggled with drug addiction and unemployment, while another claimed incapacity to work due to "hypertension." Consequently, Ali still contributes RM1000 monthly towards household utility bills.

The family's financial woes escalated when a brawl among Ali's brothers led to the damage of a newly purchased television, which was still under instalment payments. This compelled Ali to apply for a credit card to replace it before the festive season. Additionally, amidst scorching weather, the family's demand for air conditioning in every room added to the financial strain.


During Ramadan, one of Ali's brothers faced arrest for drug-related offences, necessitating financial assistance from Ali. Even his married sister, seeking funds for festive preparations, turned to him for monetary aid.

Overwhelmed by mounting financial pressure, Ali finally mustered the courage to voice his concerns to his family, hoping for empathy and a reduction in their dependency on him. However, instead of understanding, he faced criticism and accusations of incompetence for being unable to provide unlimited financial support.


The breaking point came when even his married sister, despite having a husband, continued to seek financial assistance, pushing Ali to his limits. Frustrated, he explained his inability to fulfil all their demands, citing personal financial obligations such as credit card debts and loans.

Disheartened by the lack of empathy and understanding from his family, Ali decided to forgo returning home to celebrate the festival. While netizens rallied behind him, commending his efforts, they also criticized his family for exploiting his generosity and failing to appreciate his sacrifices.

Source: MStar

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