These Comfort Shows Are Leaving Netflix By January 2022 And People Have Already Threatened To Unsubscribe



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These Comfort Shows Are Leaving Netflix By January 2022 And People Have Already Threatened To Unsubscribe

By Ayunie

Whether you're an avid series binger or a casual I'll-Just-Watch-Something-While-I-Eat watcher, Netflix has been such an integral part of our routine, especially so since the pandemic. Many have developed deep attachment to their beloved shows and regard it as free therapy.

But what happens when Netflix tries to erase those shows? 

Netflix Malaysia tweeted yesterday that they will be removing a few shows from Netflix and people saw the list... safe to say NONE of them were happy. Here is the list of shows getting removed by Netflix Malaysia come January 2022: 

Modern Family: S1-S8 and S10

How I Met Your Mother: S1-S9

New Girl: S1-S7

Family Guy: S12-S15 and S18 

Homeland: S1-S6

Grey's Anatomy: S1-S15

Prison Break: S1-S5

Sons Of Anarchy: S1-S7

American Horror Story: Cult

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: P1-P5

Fullmetal Alchemist: S1

People were rather shocked when internationally-beloved shows like Modern Family, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, and Grey's Anatomy are being taken down. Needless to say, eruption of collective anger from Malaysian Netflix subscribers ensued. 

According to Netflix Malaysia, they weren't able to renew the licensing and streaming rights for all the shows mentioned, hence the termination. If your comfort shows are listed above as well, don't fret! You can still appeal to keep them on Netflix by filling up this form.  

Save our comfort shows pls :( 

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