Woman Catches Man Attempting To Open Her Parked Car Door At Cyberjaya



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Woman Catches Man Attempting To Open Her Parked Car Door At Cyberjaya

2 Weeks ago
By MJC97

A foreign man was caught attempting to open car doors, prompting a woman to confront him while driving.

According to the woman, yesterday, while she was out driving with her mother and sister, a stranger tried to open the car door while they were parked by the roadside. Fortunately, the car was securely locked at the time, preventing the man from succeeding.

She explained that although she had parked the car by the roadside, she was nearby when the incident occurred. Suddenly, she saw the man passing by their car and attempting to open the door.

Moreover, she mentioned that it wasn't just her car; all the cars parked in the area became targets for the man.

"I'm thankful that neither my mother nor sister was inside the car at the time, or I don't know what could have happened."

After returning to the car with her family, the woman confronted the man and recorded the encounter on her phone, capturing the man's face.

In the video, the woman can be seen driving after the foreign man, shouting through the open window, "Hey, what are you trying to do? You have some nerve trying to open someone else's car door!"


Untuk para2 student yang dekat cyberjaya, berhati2 ya! Mamat ni selamber dia je buka pintu kereta aku, dah lah aku bawak mak aku n adik aku, btw bukan kereta aku sorang, kereta semua orang ya. Itu kalau mak aku ke adik aku ke kat dalam kereta tu, kalau dia apa apakan macam mana? Nasib baik lah aku tengah berdiri dekat area kereta aku! So, para para student, sila berhati hati ya.

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Upon noticing the woman filming, the man quickly turned and walked away. However, the woman continued to follow closely, reversing her car, which visibly angered the man, who crossed his arms and wore a disdainful expression.

In the video, the woman also reminded people, especially students in the area, to ensure their cars are securely locked and to be cautious of strangers attempting to open car doors to prevent unfortunate incidents.

After the video was uploaded to social media, it sparked discussions among netizens, with many expressing gratitude to the woman for exposing the man's unlawful behavior. However, some netizens also expressed concern for the woman's safety.

"While you were brave, it's important to prioritize safety to avoid further aggravating the situation."

"The best course of action would have been to immediately call the police and let them handle it."

Meanwhile, other netizens shared similar experiences in the area.

One netizen recounted an incident where a stranger opened their car door while they and their friends were inside, claiming they wanted a ride.

"Recalling that moment still gives me chills; luckily, nothing unfortunate happened."

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