Can‘t Deal With Hair Loss? Home-Massaging Techniques to Help



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Can‘t Deal With Hair Loss? Home-Massaging Techniques to Help

By ellephant

Besides having wrinkles, sore joints and dealing with the whole stigma of aging, another issue many deal with is, hair loss.  

Losing hair has become a very prominent issue among many, heck, even young adults in this day and age. That being said, we found an interesting clip on TikTok about dealing with hair loss, and it’s so simple!

It is an Indian-originated method used to promote hair growth, and is known as Ayurvedic hair massages.  

Based on ancient Indian Ayurveda, people have certain pressure points on their scalp, that when gently massaged, can aid and encourage hair growth. They’re called Marma points, or in simpler terms, energy hotspots. Here are three of them:

#1 Eight fingers above your brows  

Place eight fingers upward from your eyebrows, and you will reach your center of yogic spiritual healing. Massage the area, and it can help with hair growth. Besides that, those with a premature receding hairline, or bald patches near the forehead, could also try this out for a cure. 

#2 Twelve fingers above your brows  

This second spot is known as the ‘skull spot’. It is the highest point of a person’s body, and due to gravity, it is also the one place which receives the least amount of blood flow. As a matter of fact, it is a contributing reason to why balding begins there. 

#3 Four fingers above the nape of your neck  

Massage this area, especially if you’re one who spends an excessive amount of time in front of a computer. This part of the head does not receive as much oxygen or nutrition, carried by one’s bloodstream. The tilting of your head and the gentle rubbing of your fingers into it, can make blood rush to said area, nourishing your hair follicles, coercing them to grow out.  

Watch how to do it here.

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