“She Became Unclean!” M’sian Man Lists 7 Major Abnormalities That Girlfriend Experienced After Going To KL



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“She Became Unclean!” M’sian Man Lists 7 Major Abnormalities That Girlfriend Experienced After Going To KL

1 Week ago
By storyteller24

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If a person's temperament suddenly changes, is it because he has won a prize or is he possessed by evil spirits?

A Malaysian man shared an article titled "My girlfriend seems to be unclean" on the Dcard forum , saying that his girlfriend went to Kuala Lumpur for a while, and suddenly became "another person" after returning to Penang. He cited various terrible examples, making him wonder if his girlfriend was "haunted by a ghost" and hoped that professionals could provide advice.

The boyfriend lives with his girlfriend, who is from Penang. A while ago, he went to Kuala Lumpur with his friends. After returning to Penang, his girlfriend suddenly changed her temperament, which made the boyfriend feel quite abnormal. He cited these 7 abnormalities:

Abnormality 1: Change from being afraid of cold to being afraid of heat

My girlfriend used to be very afraid of the cold and was very concerned about electricity bills. She would only turn on the fan when sleeping and not the air conditioner. Since returning from Kuala Lumpur, my girlfriend often complains about being hot. She turns the air conditioner to 18°C ​​and then hides in the air-conditioned room doing nothing, not answering the phone or turning on the lights.

Anomaly 2: Sudden talking to oneself

Because the boyfriend would come home late because of work, his girlfriend used to answer the phone or watch movies in the living room. But recently, his girlfriend has been acting out of character and just sits in the living room without turning on the lights or the TV.

Sometimes when his girlfriend is not in the living room, she hides in the room and talks to herself. The boyfriend often hears people talking and chatting, and emphasizes: "It's like two people are having a conversation." But when he opens the door, he sees his girlfriend lying on the bed with nothing to do

Anomaly 3: Stop eating pork

What surprised the boyfriend the most, and the reason why he suspected that his girlfriend was possessed, was that his girlfriend stopped eating pork.

The boyfriend said that he and his girlfriend are not Muslims. They used to eat pork, but his girlfriend started to stop eating pork. One time, the two went out to eat, and the fried rice they ordered contained a little barbecued pork. His girlfriend picked out all the small pieces of barbecued pork and ate them.

One time, my girlfriend accidentally bought something with pork in it and she flew into a rage. She kept yelling and knocked the whole plate of food to the ground. She was completely like a different person.

The above signs made the boyfriend more and more suspicious. He asked the friends who went to Kuala Lumpur with his girlfriend, and everyone answered that there was no problem and they did not go to any unclean places.

Faced with his girlfriend's drastic change in temperament, the boyfriend was very scared and wanted to take his girlfriend to worship.

Two weeks later, the boyfriend posted again saying "My girlfriend has really become unclean", and said that after reading the suggestions of netizens and consulting a master, it was confirmed that his girlfriend really encountered "unclean things", and that they were spirits that were a bit difficult to deal with.

"Later I went to ask the master recommended by my friend, and he told me that my girlfriend was followed by an unclean thing when she went to KL. Later he said that we can't alert the snake first, this time it's a bit difficult to deal with, I need to prepare some things first, and he should come to help me deal with it next week, and told me to take care of my girlfriend this week."

As time went by, his girlfriend's condition became worse, which made him even more scared...

Anomaly 4: Change of temperament

The boyfriend said that his girlfriend had become a different person. She often forgot what she was doing and would suddenly laugh or get angry. The original poster also slept in a separate room from his girlfriend.

Anomaly 5: Sound of banging on the door

However, the boyfriend would hear the sound of banging on the door in his girlfriend's room at night, which lasted from about 2 a.m. to about 6 a.m. The boyfriend was very scared and did not dare to open the door to observe, so he could only go out in the morning to check the situation.

Anomaly 6: Bugs appear in the house

In addition, the boyfriend said that there have been insects in his home recently, including ants, flies, and mosquitoes, which has never happened before.

Anomaly 7: Rampage

The boyfriend said that he had obtained a talisman and secretly placed it under his girlfriend's bed. As a result, that night, his girlfriend went berserk, screaming and banging the door. The boyfriend was terrified and afraid of making "that thing" angry, so he took the talisman away.

Faced with this situation, netizens said:

 "WTF? I didn't expect there would be a sequel. This is so scary! You're really brave. We can still live together..."

 "Wtffffff I heard the door banging all night, sipeh is horrible, I really can't take it."

 "I'm serious. We really need to avoid angering unclean things. It's better to wait for the master to come."

 "Your home has been turned into a horror movie, and you have to get up at 2 a.m. to listen to the "Symphony of Door Crashing."

We hope the couple can overcome this hurdle.

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