How doctor do ward rounds while social distancing? Meet "Medibot"



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How doctor do ward rounds while social distancing? Meet "Medibot"


Scientists from the International Islamic University Malaysia have created a white robot on wheels in hope of reducing the health worker's risk of infection while making rounds on hospital wards to check on the Covid-19 patients.

The barrel-like robot, named "Medibot", is 1.5 meters tall with a camera and screen installed on it, in which patients can communicate remotely with doctors and nurses.  

Youtube: Coronavirus: Malaysia 'Medibot' prototypes aim to aid health workers | AFP

The "Medibot" which costs around RM15,000, is also equipped with a temperature checker to help track the patients' temperatures.

The invention was aimed to help nurses and doctors working on the wards with social distancing, said Zulkifi Zainal Abidin, one of the team members responsible for the invention.

Zulkifi added that the university is planning to send it for trial soon in their own private hospital, which does not treat Covid-19 patients. If it proves a success, the team hopes that it can be used in government hospitals that are treating Covid-19 patients.  

Photo source: The Straits Times

We have seen more robots and inventions being introduced across the world, from Thailand to Israel, in fighting the pandemic. The main reason for the increase in usage is because it is contagion-proof and at the same time fast and efficient.

May the "Medibot" be a huge success and could be used in aid of Covid-19 patients.

News source from the New Straits Times.

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