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FREE App | Make Your Old Photos Come To Life

By m7py

Sure, you & your friends might be busy turning each other into singing AI memes on Avatarify. I mean, that's really funny!

But, what if you can use a similar tech to relive moments when you last saw your deceased Grandpa's smile, a teenage-version of your Mom or a long-lost childhood buddy?

That's exactly what you can do with Deep Nostalgia, the latest AI feature on the My Heritage app. 

Believe me- it has been making people around the world break down into tears!

Source: Instagram

ICYMI, the Israeli app/website was founded in 2005 to trace & explore your lineage + family history from years back, plus a DNA testing service & a database of 13.1 billion records.  Learn more here

Source: Instagram

With the new feature, you can animate old photos of loved ones based on real human-like gesture. The editing is auto. But, you may select from ten sequences of action that match the characters better.

In a minute or so, you'll watch your beloved go from a still image to a short, high-quality animation that smiles, blinks & even moves a little!

Just don't expect them to spring out & break into a Lady Gaga song though!

If there are more than one person in your photo, choose one or all to animate.

Source: Instagram

When you're done, you can share the work with your friends & family via a link, FB or Twitter. 

Or download it in mp4 format to keep in your memory box. 

Also, don't worry if the low-resolution pics from 30s to 90s are too blurry. 

Before being animated, the MyHeritage Photo Enhancer will increase the focus & resolution of the photos. So, no need to squint your eyes, trying to make out what's going on!

That also means more features for you to access! You can colorize & enhance old photos through the MyHeritage app/website. 

Source: Instagram

Bonus: This simple & straightforward process only takes 10-20 seconds! Just sign up for free, upload your photos & follow this tutorial

Deep Nostalgia is totally FREE-to-use right now! So, let your friends & family walk down memory lane too.

Source: Instagram

Download the app on iOS/Android or visit the website

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