20-Year-Old Stateless Man Unable To Apply For IC Due To Parents Not Registering Their Marriage After He Was Born



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20-Year-Old Stateless Man Unable To Apply For IC Due To Parents Not Registering Their Marriage After He Was Born

By sleepingbeauty

Despite being born in Malaysia to a Malaysian father, 20-year-old Kenny Hooi Mun Kit has been unable to obtain a Malaysian identity card (IC) due to his parents registering their marriage 15 years after his birth. This situation has left Kenny stateless and has presented him with a range of challenges, including limited access to education, inability to open a bank account, and difficulties in obtaining a driver's license, all of which have adversely affected his job prospects.

During a press conference, Kenny was accompanied by Wayne Ong Chun Wei, the Balakong State Assemblyman in Balakong.


Kenny's parents, a Malaysian father and a mother from China, only registered their marriage 15 years after his birth, resulting in his stateless status. In response to his employment limitations, Kenny initiated a small business three years ago, making and selling homemade cookies and mooncakes. His baking skills were acquired during his early teens.

His stateless status prevented him from attending government primary schools, compelling him to seek education in private institutions. When it comes to deliveries, as Kenny lacks a driver's license, his father assists with deliveries, or he relies on delivery services. In 2018, he applied for citizenship with a DNA test, but the application remains pending.


Kenny stressed that his inability to open a bank account has necessitated him to request cash payments from customers or have them make online transfers to his father's account.

His primary aspiration is to obtain Malaysian citizenship promptly and acquire a Malaysian ID card with government assistance. Many netizens empathize with his plight, recognizing that he is innocent and that his parents' actions have led to these difficulties. However, they also stress the importance of parents fulfilling their responsibilities to prevent such issues for their children in the future.

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