"Felt Like I Was At Sunway Lagoon!" M'sian Shares 'Horrible' Airbnb Stay In Popular KL Condo Due To Overwhelming Tourist Presence



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"Felt Like I Was At Sunway Lagoon!" M'sian Shares 'Horrible' Airbnb Stay In Popular KL Condo Due To Overwhelming Tourist Presence

By JustineG

Would you consider giving the place another chance? It's no doubt that many of us prefer choosing Airbnb for accommodation over hotels due to the homely atmosphere it provides even during short vacations. 

However, one Malaysian had a disappointing stay at a well-known condominium in Kuala Lumpur, despite its amazing facilities, pools, and room views. While expressing his appreciation for the condominium, he highlighted a major drawback the overwhelming number of tourists in the building.


He shared the inconvenience of enduring long waits for the elevator, often taking up to an hour to catch one. Even after entering, the lift made frequent stops at almost every floor during the ascent, causing further delays in reaching his unit. 


Additionally, he found the facilities unusable, with the swimming pool overcrowded, resembling the bustling atmosphere of Sunway Lagoon. This experience resonated with some netizens who shared similar sentiments. 


They complained about the flawed lift system, with some stating that only one elevator was operational, leading to extended waiting times. Some had encountered comparable issues in other Airbnb accommodations.


The question arises: Should the guest be understanding given the holiday season, or is this a genuinely negative experience that discourages a return visit?

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