Dr. Wan Azizah's Nervous Fanning Leaves Msians Amused



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Dr. Wan Azizah's Nervous Fanning Leaves Msians Amused

By Grace Sundram

Dr Wan Azizah amuses Malaysians again with her cute antics.

@wanruff Dialah pengapit sebenar pengantin. Tapi semua dia kipaskan. Hehehe. Tq @Dr Wan Azizah atas kehadiran tadi. Sangat sejuk mata memandang melihatnya. Hehehe #drwanazizah #pm10 #fyp Sayunk I Love You - Chombi

Dr. Wan Azizah is seen welcoming guests and fanning them with her hand fan during a wedding dinner in a TikTok video by @wanruff.

The caption reads that she is the true bridesmaid. She fans everyone she passes by.

At the time of writing, the video had received 2.5 million views, with many Malaysians finding her endearing and humorous.

How cute is our first lady?!

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Grace Sundram

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