Did You Know That Bananas Do A Whole Lot For Your Body?



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Did You Know That Bananas Do A Whole Lot For Your Body?

By ellephant

Health is wealth they said, and that's true. 

One fully-packed nutrient fruit is actually banana, and they have so many more benefits than you think. 

Here's a few of them, check them out!

1. They keep you energetic

- They have natural sugars as well as carbs for a quick boost and fiber helps sustain that energy. 


2. They stabilizes your blood pressure

- They have potassium that balances sodium helping to keep blood pressure in check by relaxing blood vessels. 

3. They lessen your risks at heart diseases

- They regulate blood pressure with potassium and reduces cholesterol with their fiber. 


4. They help with constipation

- They have high fiber, specifically soluble fiber and natural sugars. This adds more bulk to stool and helps it move through the digestive tract more easily and regularly.

5. They elevate your mood

- They contain vitamin B6 which helps with serotonin. Besides that, they also have carbs which promotes a sense of well-being. 


So, it looks like everything's coming up bananas!

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