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Here’s What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Sex Life

MJC97   |   Jun 29, 2021, 16:51   |   230

Are you good in bed? Most people think they are but let’s see what your zodiac sign says about how you express your passion and lust in bed. 

Each sign has distinct personality traits that play a role in setting their preferences for foreplay, sex positions, and even locations for sex. So find out more about your own sex life or how you can make your partner happier.



Ruled by serious Saturn, Capricorns are usually cautious and reserved, which is why they look at everything as an investment. Before taking you to the sheets, they prefer to get to know you and make a connection with you.

But, once they get to now you and understand where the relationship stands, be ready to have a wild time in bed which will last till morning. They enjoy various sexual fetishes so throwing in a little BDSM might be best. 



Aquarius value independence and freedom which means it will be kind of hard for them to commit to a relationship. They would prefer more of a friends with benefits situation.

The best part about their freedom is that they love to experiment and act on that wild, free-spirited passion. What really turns them on is watching, being watched, or even filming their bedtime activities for a nice private viewing later. 



Pisces takes on the characteristics of Neptune, they are mysterious, spiritual, and otherworldly. They are also very empathetic, so their partner’s needs always come first. 

Born with vivid imagination, they love embracing their sexual fantasies and they are best at role-playing with their partner in bed. Their sex is erotic, hypnotic, and dreamlike. 



Ruled by Mars, they are passionate, straight to the point and they love being in charge. They are also blessed with incredible stamina thanks to their warrior like personality. 

Most of the time in bed they are overwhelmed by their passion that it brings out their need to be the best sex you’ve ever had. So, get ready for some intensely passionate and animalistic sex. 



Unlike Aries, Taurus is patient and gentle. They are ruled by Venus who is the goddess of love and beauty so showering you with affection and romance makes them happy. 

Their patience and gentleness make them prefer giving up control in the bedroom. They are open to being blindfolded and tied up as long as there’s physical contact and a nice cuddle session afterwards. 



Geminis are the trickers of the zodiac; they are quick and restless, and they love having conversations and talking. Communication is key, so bring in some dirty talk and some sexting and you will get a Gemini hooked. 

Gemini keeps sex light and fun; they love a game. They love the art of seduction, tonnes of foreplay that will leave you anting more and they love the thrill of experimentation. 



Cancers are the psychic empaths of the zodiac. The need serious commitment and deep emotional intimacy so casual flings isn’t really their thing. 

Being a water sign, they love getting when having sex – meaning shower sex. They are sensual and deeply erotic and will give themselves completely to you in the bedroom.



Ruled by the sun and born under the sign of the lion, Leos are highly egotistical individuals who wants to be loved, needed, and admired. They love showing you off and they expect you to do the same. 

In bed, they expect praise so they will do anything they can to turn sex into a performance with many scenes and of course, sexual fantasies. 



You might seem a little intimidated to have sex with a Virgo at first because of their need for perfection and attention to detail, but these characteristics are what make them good in bed. They will analyse and court you and once, they get you they will do everything they can to please you. 

Once comfortable, you will realise that they are actually very open minded and love doing things out of the ordinary like having sex in public places. One good tip is to shower and clean your room before sex because that’s important to them. 



Libra is the lover of the zodiac; their irresistible charm will also make fall in love easily. The hardest part is getting them to fall for you, but they love being in love. 

Sex isn’t really important for them; they prefer feeling happy and fulfilled in the relationship. However, their erogenous zones are their butts and heads, so add in a little light spanking and some gentle hair pulling during sex will make them go wild. 



Scorpio is the predator of the zodiac; they have a hypnotic aura, and they are the most seductive sign of the zodiac. When in love, Scorpios loves connecting with your mind, body and soul.

They are mostly turned on by intense foreplay as the anticipation of what’s next will make them excited and wanting more. 



Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is the most adventurous sign in the zodiac. They are transparent and open with you about themselves and hate games when it comes to relationships. 

They love spontaneous sex and adventurous fantasies, so trying out new things and experimenting is on the table. They also love incorporating toys for both their own and your pleasure. 


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