6 Months In, Here Are 6 Things We’ve Learnt So Far In 2022



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6 Months In, Here Are 6 Things We’ve Learnt So Far In 2022

By ellephant

Felt like just yesterday when this year began, and now its June, how time flies!

A year which has been filled with blessings, laughter and sometimes sadness, were listing down the 6 lessons were carrying forward with us. 

Check them out below. 


1. Trust the timing

Everything happens for a reason. What's meant to happen, will happen, when it's supposed to happen, not earlier nor later. 

2. Some goodbyes are good

No matter how hard and bitter goodbyes may feel, some of them are vital to growth. When a story has come to an end, be unafraid to close the book. 

3. Don't waste your time

There are those who are worth it, and then there are those who are not. Don't wait around for those who do not value your efforts. 


4. Keep things private

The world seems to be in constant motion to ruin things. If there are things which make you happy, keep them for yourself and those who matter. 

5. Wait

As infinite as this sounds, sometimes all you need is a little bit of patience. The bad days will not last forever, you just have to get through the hard part first. 

6. Value yourself

You are way too good to be an option. Always prioritize yourself, and then make sure everyone around you does the same too. 


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