"Over-Employed But Not Overworked!" 29-Year-Old M'sian Works Two Jobs And Earns Over RM14k Per Month



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"Over-Employed But Not Overworked!" 29-Year-Old M'sian Works Two Jobs And Earns Over RM14k Per Month

By sleepingbeauty

Certainly, you must know individuals juggling multiple jobs just to make ends meet, especially given the current economic climate. Recently, on the Malaysian Pay Gap Instagram page, an anonymous contributor shed light on a 29-year-old man who is simultaneously managing two full-time jobs, aptly captioned as "over-employed but not overworked." This hardworking individual earns a combined monthly income exceeding RM14,000.

Armed with a Bachelor's degree in English Language, he operates as a content management specialist, bringing in a monthly income of over RM7.3k, with the added advantage of working remotely. 


Additionally, his second job entails remote work as a localization or translation professional, securing him a monthly income ranging from RM6k to RM7k. He openly shared how he includes both roles on his resume and LinkedIn profile, and his employers are fully aware of his dual employment.


The man provided insights into his daily routine, which involves early morning starts to tackle emails, meticulous organization through a to-do list, and effective time management to complete his responsibilities. 


Although he spends approximately three hours on each job, he emphasized his efficiency in task completion. Nevertheless, the man is not hesitant to dedicate additional hours to catch up on work or get ahead on new tasks.


Netizens reacted positively to his story, finding it both informative and inspiring. Many expressed a keen interest in following a similar path, with queries arising about the availability of remote job roles. However, those who are currently managing two positions emphasized that it is more challenging than it may appear, yet the added income makes the effort worthwhile. 

Are you considering giving the "overemployed" lifestyle a shot?

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