WATCH: "Why You Clamp My Car & Not The Others?" Local Actress Accuses Cops Of Favouritism For Clamping Her Car At Taman Melawati



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WATCH: "Why You Clamp My Car & Not The Others?" Local Actress Accuses Cops Of Favouritism For Clamping Her Car At Taman Melawati

By JustineG

Actress and model Lana Nordin recently aired her grievances on Instagram after receiving a fine and having her car clamped for a traffic violation. In her social media post, Lana expressed her belief that she had been unfairly singled out by the police, suggesting that there was favoritism at play in the enforcement of parking rules.

Lana recounted how she had briefly parked her car to make a deposit at a nearby bank. Despite her explanation to the officers, she claimed they insisted on clamping her vehicle if left unattended for even a minute. Lana argued against what she perceived as biased treatment, emphasizing that her car had not obstructed traffic.

Her frustration grew when she noticed other vehicles parked in the same area for longer periods without facing similar consequences. Lana questioned the fairness of the officers' actions and criticized their response to her inquiries, alleging that they had ignored her concerns.

Opinions were divided among netizens in the comments section of Lana Nordin's post, with some expressing support for her frustration over perceived unfair treatment, while others suggested she take responsibility for her actions and refrain from complaining about law enforcement doing their job. Several commenters advised Lana to mitigate parking concerns by bringing a friend along to drive her to her destination and pick her up afterwards.

As of now, the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) has not issued a response to the viral post. Hopefully, the matter will be resolved amicably. The incident has sparked debate about whether Lana was justified in expressing her discontent or if she should have handled the situation differently. What are your thoughts on Lana Nordin's reaction? Should she have kept the issue private, or was it important for her to speak out about her experience?

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