SHOCKING: "You Broke Your Promise!" Wife Quits Her Job & Dares To Ask Husband's Mother For Money



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SHOCKING: "You Broke Your Promise!" Wife Quits Her Job & Dares To Ask Husband's Mother For Money

By JustineG

Today, with most couples or spouses both working, many opt for a split bill approach, where each shares expenses equally. According to ETtoday News, a Taiwanese couple agreed to each pay half the mortgage for their new home. 

However, the wife reneged on this agreement shortly after resigning from her job, leaving her husband to foot the entire bill. Adding insult to injury, she even suggested he ask his mother for money. The husband, understandably furious, vented about the situation online, prompting netizens to shake their heads in disbelief with comments like, "She's taking advantage of you."

In his post, the husband revealed that his mother had bought a house nearby years ago, intending for them to use it after marriage. However, the wife disliked the location and layout, insisting they split the mortgage to buy a new house. The loan process went smoothly thanks to the husband's stable income and good credit, and they acquired a new home.

Six months later, the wife abruptly quit her job due to "workplace stress," only finding a new job five months later with significantly lower pay. Unable to contribute to the mortgage, she demanded more money from her husband. However, he couldn't afford it and was shocked when she suggested he ask his mother for help.

Feeling her demands were unreasonable, he reminded her that she initially refused to live in his mother's house and insisted on splitting the mortgage. He was incredulous that she now expected him to ask his mother for money. He lamented, "She breaks her promise to split the mortgage and now wants me to ask my mother for money or sell stocks."

The husband's post sparked heated discussions online, with some sympathising with him for being taken advantage of while others criticised him for being too calculating. One commenter remarked, "She accuses you of not understanding her hard work, but she doesn't understand you!" Another advised, "Get a divorce; she's counting on you to carry the burden." Yet another cautioned against financial irresponsibility, saying, "If you can't afford the mortgage, don't buy a house. Live in your mother's house, and don't drain her retirement savings."

Mortgage and car loans are substantial commitments, so planning finances carefully before taking on such burdens is crucial. If you've experienced a similar situation, how would you handle it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: ETtoday News

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