WATCH: "The Pontianak's Flowing Hair Was So Long!!" M'sians Encounter Eerie Moment With Pontianak & Pocong On The West Coast Expressway



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WATCH: "The Pontianak's Flowing Hair Was So Long!!" M'sians Encounter Eerie Moment With Pontianak & Pocong On The West Coast Expressway

By JustineG

Adam Eji, a renowned TikToker, recently relayed a harrowing tale from one of his followers about a hair-raising encounter on the West Coast Expressway (WCE) during their return journey from the village. According to Adam, the woman attributed the eerie incident to her sibling's habit of uttering frivolous remarks while on the highway.

The narrative commenced with the woman recounting her experience with her sibling and a cat after partaking in festivities in the village. While traversing the highway at night, her sibling inadvertently vocalized some frivolous words. 

"What if suddenly a pocong appear or Maya Karin passes by, and then our car stops...," her sibling kept ranting.

At this juncture, the woman began feeling uneasy about her sibling's statements. The situation took a sinister turn when the road abruptly darkened, and their cat in the backseat began emitting strange noises and hissing. Suddenly, their car jolted violently, startling them and causing the vehicle to shake slightly. 

The woman, who was at the wheel, suddenly felt an unfamiliar sensation on her neck, making her uncomfortable. Meanwhile, her sibling attempted to place the cat in the mini cage they had brought along.

"As she placed the cat inside, the hissing ceased. She turned to face forward, and her sibling remained silent, uttering no words. She was left speechless," she recounted.

Throughout the journey, the elder sibling found the situation rather peculiar, as her sibling and the cat remained silent without any discernible reason. Just as she glanced at her sibling, she spotted a pocong in the middle of the road.

"She managed to swerve to avoid the pocong; the car nearly veered off course, but she managed to regain control. However, at that moment, her sibling remained silent. She did not scream, and the cat remained quiet too. Something was amiss," she remarked.

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After a 4-and-a-half-hour journey, they finally arrived home, where her sibling recounted the events, leaving her stunned in the car. As her sibling was about to place the cat in the small cage, they noticed a pontianak sitting in the backseat of the car, appearing serene with long flowing hair that covered her neck.

"The pontianak's flowing hair was so long that it filled the entire car. Only her sibling caught sight of it," she explained. The video garnered numerous comments from netizens who shared similar eerie experiences.

Have you experienced something like this before on the West Coast Expressway (WCE)?

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