Tesla Owner Breaks Open Electrical Box At Apartment Parking Lot



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Tesla Owner Breaks Open Electrical Box At Apartment Parking Lot

By sleepingbeauty

Tesla electric cars have entered the Malaysian market, attracting many Malaysians who are considering getting one. 


However, recently, a netizen discovered a shocking incident where a Tesla owner in Singapore illegally tampered with an apartment parking lot's power socket to charge their car, displaying selfish behaviour.

According to reports, this incident took place in an apartment's parking lot. Instead of using the designated paid charging station, the Tesla owner forcibly opened the power socket box and connected their car to a transformer for charging. 


When confronted by concerned onlookers, the owner nonchalantly responded that "residents" pay for the electricity. Ignoring the situation, the Tesla owner drove away after the apartment security was called. 


According to the conversation in the apartment residents' group, this wasn't the first time they witnessed such behaviour from the same Tesla owner. Let's avoid such disrespectful actions; if you can afford a Tesla, you should be able to pay for the charging too.

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