WATCH: M'sians Shocked As Local Drama Portrays Man Cheating Via Microsoft Excel



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WATCH: M'sians Shocked As Local Drama Portrays Man Cheating Via Microsoft Excel

By JustineG

Netizens were genuinely taken aback to learn that Microsoft Excel could serve as a tool for infidelity. Their surprise stemmed from a scene in the Malay drama "Layang Layang Perkahwinan," featuring Shukri Yahya and Alya Iman.

In this particular scene, Shukri's character, Azim, casually receives a message from another woman on his smartphone while in the presence of his wife. The message, cleverly disguised as a Microsoft Excel file titled Proposal CTG Update, startled netizens. 

@mayadeens Kawan lelaki aku tak bagi post, takut method kena expose lah tuu ini wow teruk! kdrama pun tak terfikir nak letak scene gini. Conversation dekat excel sheet ek Download sooka app dan strim Megadrama: Layang-Layang Perkahwinan dengan serendah RM14.90/bulan, TANPA KONTRAK. Episod pertama adalah PERCUMA, download dan strim sekarang! #sooka #sookamalaysia #LayangLayangPerkahwinan #sookaGotDrama #syukriyahaya suara asli - Musiceveryday - 22

It turned out to be a message from his second wife expressing her longing for Azim, with the words, "I miss you, darling." One netizen expressed disbelief at the director's ingenuity in incorporating such an idea into the drama. 

This revelation led netizens to reflect on the myriad ways in which cheating tactics manifest, with the unconventional delivery of this drama leaving many surprised. Acknowledging the drama's originality and departure from clichés, netizens found humour in the situation, joking about the need to scrutinize other applications for potential deceit, given that traditional messaging platforms like WhatsApp are no longer considered safe from such tactics.

Previously, the drama also faced criticism for featuring soft porn scenes.

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