SHOCKING: "Walao, Cheat On Me With Your Boss Ah?!" Married Woman Caught Having 'Seggs' With Manager In Car, Her Mom Even Helped Cover Daughter's Track



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SHOCKING: "Walao, Cheat On Me With Your Boss Ah?!" Married Woman Caught Having 'Seggs' With Manager In Car, Her Mom Even Helped Cover Daughter's Track

By JustineG

The cycle of cheating scandals seems never-ending, and here's yet another one unfolding in Alishan, Taiwan, where a female employee was caught having an affair with her supervisor during a clandestine rendezvous. Shockingly, the supervisor was discovered wearing nothing but his underwear during the confrontation. Outraged by the incident, the woman, who was already married, took legal action, demanding approximately RM 119,402.40 (800,000 yuan) in compensation.

Reports from Taiwanese media detail how the supervisor, despite knowing his female colleague was married, whisked her away on a three-day trip to Alishan, where they spent the nights together in a car. The supervisor was found wearing only his boxer briefs when caught in the act.

The woman's husband believed that the supervisor's actions had violated his rights as a spouse, prompting him to file a civil lawsuit against both his cheating wife and the supervisor.

During the trial, the supervisor argued that the female employee had previously been divorced due to marital issues and was unaware of her remarriage at the time of the incident. He claimed their relationship was platonic, and they were waiting for sunrise inside the car.

However, the court rejected this defence, ruling that the supervisor's actions, such as taking a married woman on a trip and spending the night in a car with her, had crossed the boundaries of acceptable social interaction and friendship. As a result, they ordered both the supervisor and the female employee to jointly compensate the plaintiff with RM 26,865.54 (180,000 yuan). The case is currently under appeal.

In a previous interview, the woman's husband revealed they had been married for over ten years but separated eight years ago after filing for divorce. He later discovered his wife's inappropriate relationship with the supervisor. The supervisor dismissed his concerns when confronted, claiming he had no right to control his wife's social circle and that they were just friends.

Furthermore, the husband disclosed that the supervisor and his wife's family had conspired to deceive him. On one occasion, when his wife disappeared, her mother falsely claimed that she had attempted suicide in a park but was rescued by a "kind-hearted man" from a specific sport, who rushed to her aid upon receiving her call.

This incident led to the couple's separation. Still, the husband eventually allowed his wife to return home after she begged for reconciliation and promised to end her relationship with the supervisor. However, he later discovered that his wife's intentions were insincere, and she continued to be involved with the supervisor, ultimately leading to the dissolution of their marriage.

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