Woman Goes Viral for Using Wheelchair to Cut Grass, Turns Out To Be Genius Invention of Retired Technician



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Woman Goes Viral for Using Wheelchair to Cut Grass, Turns Out To Be Genius Invention of Retired Technician

By MJC97

Enhancing the quality of life through technological innovations is often attributed to scientists or industry experts. However, a recent TikTok video has captured the imagination of many by showcasing an elderly woman using a modified lawnmower attached to a wheelchair, simplifying the task of mowing her lawn.

The creative mind behind this unique contraption is 66-year-old Ramhali Hadi, affectionately known as Hali. Speaking to mStar, Hali shared that the idea stemmed from his personal experience with physical strain while mowing the lawn.


"Back in my younger days, I could mow the lawn for three to four hours straight. Nowadays, even an hour feels exhausting," Hali explained. This motivated him to develop a device that alleviates the physical burden. By attaching the lawnmower to a wheelchair, Hali created a support system that reduces the strain on the body.

The wheelchair, which belonged to his late mother-in-law, had been left unused for years, with worn-out tires and a deteriorating frame. Known for repurposing old items, Hali decided to restore the wheelchair and integrate it with the lawnmower using wires and wooden rods. "The initial attempts were messy, but with some adjustments, it finally worked," said Hali, who resides in Muar, Johor.

After ensuring the hybrid machine operated smoothly, Hali proudly handed it over to his wife for its first official use. "My wife was eager to try it out, having watched me work on it for a while. I recorded the moment, and thankfully, it worked perfectly," he said. Their children, who noticed the video trending on TikTok, were not too surprised, as this was not Hali's first inventive project.


Hali's background as a retired technician from the Muar Municipal Council (MPM) is evident in his passion for design and innovation. Among his proudest achievements is a pump he designed that can both extract and reintegrate gearbox oil into an engine, an invention that earned him recognition from the Ministry of Human Resources (KSM).

Another notable project is his Vitara-3D, a modified vehicle transformed into a campervan using mostly recycled materials. "My car can comfortably accommodate two adults for sleeping and even has cooking facilities," Hali said, expressing his satisfaction with the outcome.


This story highlights how creativity and ingenuity can come from unexpected places, proving that age and profession are no barriers to innovation.

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