“I do not want to work today” 7 Productivity-Killing Habits You Should Know & Quit



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“I do not want to work today” 7 Productivity-Killing Habits You Should Know & Quit

6 Days ago
By ellephant

As much as we'd like, we don't always wake up every day ready to tackle the world. 

In fact, some days are just harder than others. However, the difference between being productive and procrastinating, is understanding the habits which can lead you to the latter, instead of the former. 

It is only in realization can we cultivate change. If you want to be productive, here are 7 habits you most definitely practice. Take note and hit the brakes on them. 


1. No morning routines

Just going with the flow every day or waking up just in time for everything tends to leave you feeling demotivated. Instead, get yourself up earlier, drink something, stretch a little, plan your day, read and meditate.  

2. Social media

Social media can get addictive and continuously browsing aimlessly would kill your productivity. Instead, keep your phone away when you're working and only reward yourself some screen time, after you've completed your tasks. 


3. Doing two or more things at one time

Multitasking may seem effective and would get the job done faster, but it reduces productivity. Instead, create a priority list and follow that. That way everything gets done right. 

4. Saying yes when you don't want to

A lot of people like to people-please. It is the easier route to take and that way the only person struggling is you. However, doing something you do not exactly want to do would often bring about forced efforts. The results wouldn't be as pretty. 

Instead, listen, contemplate and say no if you're not feeling it. 


5. No pre-planning

Making decisions as you go about the day can result in one feeling tired and weak. Instead, make choices a day before for tomorrow, and you would feel more ready to take on even the toughest of days. 

6. No framework

Sometimes, we may find ourselves working without a specific direction or aim. This decreases productivity. Instead, pick what is best for you and put your efforts in formulating an end-goal to achieve. 

Then, there would be more purpose and a drive to work towards that purpose. 


7. Perfectionism 

First, there is no such thing as perfect, and second, perfection means zero room for growth. It ruins both productivity and self-development. Instead, work smart, work hard, and continue to strive for the bestest of you despite failure. 

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