Creepy Sighting Of 'Cik Pontianak' At Penang Condominium Sends Chills



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Creepy Sighting Of 'Cik Pontianak' At Penang Condominium Sends Chills

By JustineG

A few days ago, several photos of Pontianak or "Cik Ponti" were circulating on social media, showing the ghostly figure perched and flying around a residential area. In the images, a long-haired, white-clad figure is seen sitting on the ledge of an apartment. According to the individual who posted the pictures, the apparition of Cik Ponti was captured in the Gelugor area of Penang. However, it's unclear whether this sighting is related to a similar experience recounted by a police officer two days prior.

"They saw Cik Ponti up close... Wallahualam, don't believe too much and worry. Let's relax. Let's not disturb her, she won't disturb us," said someone in the comments. Reading through the comments, many felt a sense of dread and unease after viewing the pictures.

"Yes, it's real. My house is right next to the customs housing area. It used to be surrounded by forests and old trees, but now they've built new houses there. This case has been ongoing for a week or two, it's not new. My mom's friend who lives in the customs area told us that this case is real," said another.

However, some remained sceptical and believed that the photos might have been edited. "Hmm, it's not as simple as that to just 'snap' a photo of a ghost. People are too quick to believe viral things like this. And now there's even a shadow next to Cik Ponti. They say nowadays cameras are advanced. You can get a similar photo using a smartphone," said Lana.

"From when I was young until now, I've seen pictures of ghosts posted always wearing white clothes. Do ghosts only wear white? Also, does this ghost run a laundry business? Malaysian ghosts don't have very dirty clothes. I work wearing white clothes, and I can't be bothered to wash them every day," another netizen commented.

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