#DaruratBanjir: PM’s Son-In-Law Saved by Helicopter and Shares Photos On IG, Netizens Enraged



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#DaruratBanjir: PM’s Son-In-Law Saved by Helicopter and Shares Photos On IG, Netizens Enraged

By MJC97

Time to spill the tea on the drama that went viral all-over social media over the weekend. A  Twitter user called-out the Prime Minister’s son-in-law, Jovian Mandagie who got on a helicopter to get home to his family because the roads were closed due to the floods.  

“Just because you’re the PM’s son-in-law, you can be rescued by a helicopter and even show-off on IG,” said the user on her private Twitter account.  

The tweet that was uploaded yesterday has over 16.6k retweets and 11.4k likes from Malaysian on Twitter. As you can guess, netizens weren’t happy with Jovian and they certainly weren’t afraid to share how they felt.  




Soon after the post went viral, Jovian came forwards on IG and responded to the tweet saying that he was not showing off on IG.  

“The issue about the helicopter does not need to be prolonged. Not to show off, if I wanted to show off I would have been posing and posting an OOTD video. Those who know me, you know I am nothing like that.” he said on his Instagram account.  


He also shared that the helicopter was actually a commercial helicopter can could not be used for rescuing purposes.  

He also made it clear that he did not use any of the government assets stating that there’s no way he would use something that isn’t his rights.  

However, the twitter user that came back with a tweet responding to Jovian’s response stating that she only wanted to say that the timing of the post was not right. She said while the flood victims were stranded, he should not have posted a video of him on a helicopter.  


Anyway, all drama aside, let’s do our best to lend a hand to our fellow Malaysians who are in need of help, here are some of links you can donate to: 

+ Malaysian Relief Agency 

+ Parti Muda’s Tabung Bantuan Mangsa Banjir 

+ Impactive Malaysia 


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