"I Didn't Know He Was Married!" M'sian Man Exposed For Flirting With Colleagues Despite Having A Wife And Children



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"I Didn't Know He Was Married!" M'sian Man Exposed For Flirting With Colleagues Despite Having A Wife And Children

By sleepingbeauty

A Malaysian man created a fake persona as a single guy to flirt with women, even getting involved with a female colleague. However, it turned out he was hiding a wife and children.

A worker recently posted on Facebook about a male colleague who had been creating a fake image of being single at the office. Not only did he flirt with women, but he also got involved with a female coworker. However, the worker accidentally discovered that the man was already married with children.


According to the worker's post, the man had been working at the company for a year and a half, and he looked good and was around 30 years old. He had also created the impression of being single, so everyone at the company thought he was unattached.


"He didn't even have a ring on his finger," the worker said. He stated that he wouldn't have cared about the man's private life, but he had a close colleague who had been involved with the man for the past six months and had admitted to liking him. At the time, the worker thought that both of them were interested in each other, so he would sometimes join in on teasing them.


However, a few days ago, when the worker was out shopping, he saw the man with his wife and children, and he was shocked. It was then that he realized the man had kept his marriage a secret from everyone in the office and that he had only wanted to flirt with women. The worker was very upset and didn't know how to tell his female colleague about the situation.


"Being married is not the issue, but he used this method to play around and flirt with my female colleagues, which makes me angry," the worker said. 

Opinions from netizens were divided, with some thinking that it was the man's private life, while others suggested waiting to see how it would play out.

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