WATCH: "You Want To Be Part Of An Abusive Company?!" Local Influencer Faces Backlash After Auditioning For K-Pop Group Fifty-Fifty



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WATCH: "You Want To Be Part Of An Abusive Company?!" Local Influencer Faces Backlash After Auditioning For K-Pop Group Fifty-Fifty

By JustineG

Would you audition? 

We all know individuals who are avid fans of the K-pop world. However, like any other music industry, scandals involving lawsuits between management, record labels, and artists are not uncommon. This holds true for the popular girl K-pop group, Fifty-Fifty. For those unfamiliar, former group members have alleged mistreatment by the company, Attrakt.

Now, with three out of four members having departed, leaving only the main rapper, Keena, the management is conducting auditions in Singapore to replenish the group's lineup.

Controversial decisions

Among the auditionees is Malaysian influencer Christinna Kuan, also known as MsKuan, recognized for her appearances alongside her siblings, Jestinna and Perry, who are known for their annual Chinese New Year songs. 

The report by The Strait Times regarding the company's search for new members has stirred discontent among fans due to Christinna's audition for the K-pop girl group Fifty-Fifty.

Critics question her decision to join a company accused of abuse, especially considering her motivation reportedly stems from a liking for the song 'Cupid', rather than a genuine passion for music, production, or songwriting.

Does age matter?

Christinna's age, at 26, has sparked concerns, with some suggesting she might be considered too old for a K-pop girl group. But, her supporters contend that age should not limit her opportunities in the industry. 

Furthermore, there is apprehension that Attrakt could capitalise on Christinna's existing popularity and fanbase should she join the group. As Christinna maintains her roles as an influencer and singer in Malaysia, it remains to be seen whether she will secure a spot in the girl group. 

What are your opinions on her audition?

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