Old S'wak Landmark Gets Repainted And Becomes The Talk Of The Town



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Old S'wak Landmark Gets Repainted And Becomes The Talk Of The Town


Meet this old landmark in Serian, Sarawak that has just recently been repainted and went viral on social media - The Shocked Water Buffalo. 


Many thought that it was a newly installed landmark, however, according to New Sarawak Tribune, the locals said that the statue has been there for more than 18 or 20 years. Some said that they had seen this statue since they were young and predicted it may have been installed in the late 1990s. 


Despite having an odd look, many were liking the new look of the buffalo statue and hoped that the town authority would not remove it as it brings up many nostalgic memories of the locals. Some even feel that the shocked-looking buffalo actually brings them happiness. 


One of the Sarawak politicians, Violet Yong, posted on her Facebook page following the trend, with a caption hilariously saying "Awesome Buffalo found at Serian The only pity is its eyes cannot focus well."

A social media user made a comparison between the famous bull statue in the USA, China and the "Kerbau Terkejut." 


If you are interested in visiting this trending buffalo, here's the Google Map location for your reference. 

>>Link here<<

Silly or not, a simple statue can actually mean a lot to us. Share with us if there's any funny statue that you have stumbled across before. 

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