M'sian Confused On Why Her House Electricity Bill Went Up RM300 A Month, Netizens Give Their Advice



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M'sian Confused On Why Her House Electricity Bill Went Up RM300 A Month, Netizens Give Their Advice

By JustineG

Confusion arises as Malaysian resident questions why their electricity bill has skyrocketed by RM300 per month. 

Despite having only one air conditioner that is not used round the clock, a rarely-used smart TV, a refrigerator, a water dispenser, and a washing machine that is used twice a week, the bill has reached an astonishing RM290-300 monthly. 


The resident expresses bewilderment as to what could be the cause, as other electrical appliances are not frequently utilized, including an iron that hasn't been used for months and a broken dryer. 


She even mentioned that her house is not big, with three rooms, and only two are occupied. Even the wardrobe room does not consume electricity. The resident shares their bill of RM600 for two months and asks if others have experienced a similar situation.


In response to suggestions to turn off the water dispenser at night, the resident explains that they need it to prepare milk for their child. 


They firmly believe that the increase in the electricity bill is not due to the water dispenser but is instead influenced by other factors. They compare their mother's practices from the past, highlighting the convenience of modern appliances and mentioning the need for a water filter. 


Furthermore, the resident notes that their mother-in-law has a large tank water dispenser that is never switched off at night, yet their bill remains unaffected. 

They emphasize that their electricity consumption has not changed or increased recently but has, in fact, decreased. Even during periods of being away from home, such as trips to Kuantan and Kuala Lumpur, they ensured that all electrical appliances, including the water dispenser and TV, were completely unplugged.


The resident concludes that the sudden increase in the electricity bill is not due to the water dispenser. They clarify that it has no connection to the practices of boiling water in the past. They suggest that readers carefully read and comprehend their explanations. 


The resident reveals that their actual bill, without any government subsidies, amounts to RM495, which is not far from the monthly rental cost of their small house. They express their surprise and frustration, as their household appliances are not extensive, and only three family members reside in the house. They find it perplexing that their electricity bill surpasses that of their mother-in-law's house, where seven to eight adults live under the same roof. The resident acknowledges the importance of receiving suggestions but expresses frustration when those suggestions cannot address the issue, referring to it as coercion.


An individual even suggested that she should raise the issue with TNB or contact a relevant authority to inspect the electrical appliances in her home. As a homemaker, she explains that her house consists of one chiller, one refrigerator, one freezer, one oven mixer steamer, and an air conditioner that is only used from 7 PM to 12 AM. The washing machine is used every two days. Despite this usage pattern, her monthly bill amounts to only RM100-120.

Have you faced a similar situation as this? How did you rectify the problem? 

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