Parents Beware: Netizen Warns Against Electric Leakage From Televsion After Pet Cat Dies from Electrocution



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Parents Beware: Netizen Warns Against Electric Leakage From Televsion After Pet Cat Dies from Electrocution


Pets are like family to us, and it is devastating when they pass away. This is why we would do anything in our power to protect and nurture them. But accidents happen.

A pet owner shared the unfortunate news that his cat unexpectedly died after walking close to the television in the living room. He later found out that there was an electric current leaking from the television, and the cat was shocked to death.  

He further explained in the comment, stating that the electric current might not cause any major harm to a full-grown man, but it could still be life-threatening to pets or babies that are smaller in size.  

Fellow netizens also commented on the post, sharing some knowledge about electric current leakage from electric appliances. Many of them recommended the owner to get an electrician to check the house's wiring, as the leak might be caused by other reasons, such as a broken socket or the absence of an earth wire in the plug.

One person claimed that the material used to make the television should be electrically resistant; however, there might still be some static electricity. They also suggested that the leakage could be coming from other devices connected to the television, such as TV boxes or Astro boxes.  

There have been no updates from the author regarding the exact cause of the television's electric leakage as of the latest information available. Nevertheless, it is still wise for us to stay alert about this matter to prevent the loss of our loved ones.

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